Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Cure - Close To Me - Extended Version

This is the original extended version of Close To Me which featured on the 12 inch single released in 1985. It's a particular favourite of mine, mainly because of those gorgeous New Orleans style jazz trumpets. The original version that features on the album The Head On The Door is without a brass section.

Released on 9th September 1985, Close To Me was the twelfth single release by The Cure, reaching #24 in the UK. A remix released in 1990 faired even better, peaking at #13. The previous single, In Between Days, was the first to be released from The Head On The Door and reached #15. No further songs were lifted from the album to be released as singles.

The album itself is at odds with Robert Smith's ghoulish looks and the blurry sleeve artwork. It's a mainly vibrant affair, full of distinctive and catchy pop tunes, although there are still dark and moody moments. In general, it doesn't suffer from the 80s production techniques that have dated so many other albums from the same era. This was the first album by the English band to feature drummer Boris Williams, who remained with the band until 1993. Bassist Simon Gallup (he left the band in 1982) rejoined the line-up and still plays with the band today.

Don't miss the video of a stunning live performance of A Forest by The Cure on this blog.

Close To Me single 1985

The Head On The Door

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Survivor - Burning Heart Instrumental - Rocky IV

Today's video features the instrumental version of the classic hit by Survivor, Burning Heart. I've never actually heard this before and was never sure that there was such a version available, but as a fan of instrumental mixes, I'm delighted to have found this one on Youtube. It's a shame that only a still picture accompanies the audio, but you can't have everything, I guess!
Burning Heart reached #5 in the UK singles chart in February 1986, although it faired even better in several other countries including the U.S. where it peaked at #2. The song featured on the soundtrack to the Rocky IV movie and had a very similar feel to Eye of the Tiger - the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" springs to mind - which was the soundtrack to Rocky III.  80s band Go West also featured on the album with a song entitled One Way Street.

Survivor only ever had two chart hits in the UK - Burning Heart (#5) and Eye of the Tiger (#1), but in the U.S. they had more success with a handful of hits during the 80's, these were American Heartbeat (#17 in 1982), I Can't Hold Back (#13 in 1984), High On you (#8 in 1985) and The Search is Over (#4 in 1985). Overall, the band released eight studio albums and one Live in Tokyo album.

You can watch the original Survivor video and read more about the song at my website simplyeighties.com .

Burning Heart vinyl sleeve