Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield - What Have I Done To Deserve This (2012 Remix)

I loved this tune back in the 80s, and this Matt Pop remix (you'll find more of his excellent remixes scattered around this blog) brings the song right up to date without destroying it. The melody remains intact and the extra vocoder effects and electro sounds really add a bit of sparkle. A very polished production by Matt, as per usual.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? was Pet Shop Boys sixth hit single and the second to be lifted from the album Actually. The song reached #2 in both the UK and U.S. and helped to renew interest in Dusty Springfield's music. The synthpop duo also wrote and produced two more singles for Dusty's 1990 album Reputation.

The debut single from the Actually album, It's A Sin, made No.1 in the UK for three weeks during the summer of 1987, and I've still got the 12" vinyl gathering dust and waiting for me to buy another turntable!

I wonder if Neil and Chris have heard this brilliant mix? This needs to be released as a single now!


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