Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity - Extended Mix

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity single
The video features an extended version of Kraftwerk's title-track from their fifth studio album Radio Activity, which was the follow-up to the commercially-successful Autobahn. The song was released as a single during 1976, and although it failed to chart in many countries, it did top the French singles chart. The single version was drastically cut down to 3:18 from the original 6:44 album version, and the B-side features a track entitled Antenna.

A remix in 1991 to promote The Mix album (I remember buying that album to celebrate getting a new job!) reached #43 in the UK.

The title of the single and album purposely uses a hyphen to separate Radio and Activity, which demonstrates that some of the songs are about activity on the radio, rather than what the title would suggest. This was also a demonstration of the German band's sense of humour - the word Kraftwerk itself means Power Station in German.

The album was quite experimental and certainly influenced many other artists. The quartet really know how to get the best from their electronic instruments, keeping everything minimal but managing to put both emotion and melody into their tunes. It's pretty experimental, but it's also regarded as a 70s cult classic by many.

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