Monday, 10 December 2012

Wham! Last Christmas - Full Version

The video features the original, fully extended version of the classic 80s hit Last Christmas by Wham! The song isn't to everyone's taste, I know, and the video is incredibly cheesy. However, it's a very memorable tune and one that gets played over and over on the TV and radio during the festive season, mainly because hardly any decent festive tunes have been released in recent times.

This was the ninth single release by George Micheal and Andrew Ridgeley and despite well over a million copies being sold, the song still failed to claim the prestigious No.1 spot, peaking at No.2 during December 1984. Of course, it was Band Aid who took the top spot, but to top-up the Ethiopian Famine Appeal, the duo decided to donate all profits from the single to the cause.

The track was originally released as a double-A side with Everything She Wants, although I can't even remember this being played on the radio at the time. Last Christmas was reissued as a stand-alone single for December 1985, this time reaching #6.

You can find the original video for Last Christmas with more info at my Simplyeighties website. Also, check out this beautiful cover by Nuala on this blog.

Last Christmas 7" vinyl sleeve

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